A major step towards sustainability

Sustainability begins with proximity, which is why we manufacture in Spain. In addition to boosting the local economy, we also reduce the environmental impact of our activity, minimising our carbon footprint as much as possible.
Because taking care of the planet is our responsibility..

Certified by the Leather Working Group

Leather produced using sustainable practices. Naturally!

Eco-friendly metallic embellishments



Solvent-free glue

And water based,free of gas and toxic emissions Because taking care of the planet is what you're all about!

The technology that’s good for your little ones’ feet

And good for the planet!


Natural leather



Reinforced toe and heelwith a ping-pong effectbouncing back to theinitial position of theshoe.

100% microfibre fabric, free of hexavalent Chrome.It has the Oeko-tex Standard seal that certifies CO2 emission-free manufacturing.

Shock-absorbing footbed

Absorbent and antibacterial. Very soft!

Slip-resistant soles

With SUPERFLEX technology, which encourages normal foot flexion; and AIRBAG, which cushions your step. Slip resistant!



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